English Conversations -M2

Holiday Conversations

Manny:  Do you celebrate Christmas?   ( celebrate = ฉลอง )

Terry: Yes, I do.

Manny: Why do you celebrate Christmas?

Terry: Because it’s fun. I can get lots of gifts from my friends. What about you? Do you like Christmas?

Manny: No, I don’t.

Terry: Why don’t you like Christmas?

Manny: Because I’m not a Christian. I’m a Buddhist.

Terry: Oh, I see.



My Favorite Food

In this lesson, you are going to learn about food. Common fast food are used as materials in developing the skills aimed in the lesson plan. First students will be familiarized on the names of these food then they will be asked to describe their favorite food. Lastly, students will be guided in developing a paragraph to describe their favorite food.  For teachers, check out the lesson plan provided below for you to learn how to use this lesson. You can modify it according to your own circumstances. Enjoy! Continue reading “My Favorite Food”