ESL conversation for grade 9 students at a McDonald’s store

Ordering food at a fast food store is an effective ESL lesson for students. Students can enjoy remembering their favorite food while practicing English at the same time. You can also extend the conversation about things the students are doing in school. It is a fun conversation lesson that you can use in your class.  Make sure to use some important words in unlocking word meanings in the vocabulary part.

Here’s a sample ESL conversation for secondary school students at a McDonald’s store:

Student 1: Hi, can I have a Big Mac meal, please?

Cashier: Sure thing. Would you like fries and a drink with that?

Student 1: Yes, please. Can I have a Coke?

Cashier: Of course. And for you, sir?

Student 2: I’ll have a Quarter Pounder with cheese, please. And can I have a chocolate shake with that?

Cashier: Absolutely. Will that be all?

Student 2: Actually, can we get an order of chicken nuggets to share?

Cashier: Sure thing. That’ll be 550 baht. Please pay at the first window and pick up your food at the second window.

Student 1: Thank you!

Student 2: Thanks!

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The food is ready

Cashier: Here you go, your food is ready. Enjoy your meal!

Student 1: Thanks!

Student 2: Thanks a lot. Let’s sit by the window.

Student 2: Okay. Hey, do you want to share this chocolate shake?

Student 1: Sure! Thanks!

Conversation while eating

Student 1: So, how’s school going for you?

Student 2: It’s going okay. I’m struggling a bit with math, though.

Student 1: Math can be tough. Do you want me to help you study for the next test?

Student 2: That would be great. Thanks.

Student 1: No problem. And how’s your soccer team doing?

Student 2: We’re doing pretty well. We won our last game.

Student 1: Awesome! I’m thinking of joining the basketball team next season.

Student 2: That’s cool. I might try out for the track team.

Student 1: Okay. So, what events are coming up at school?

Student 2: Well, there’s the school dance next month.

Student 1: Are you going?

Student 2: Yeah, I’m planning on it. Are you?

Student 1: I haven’t decided yet. But it sounds like it could be fun.

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