Dictionary Race


This warm up game is ideal in introducing the lessons vocabulary.  It can also be a stand alone lesson on using a dictionary.  The teams should be provided dictionaries to make the game more exciting.  If dictionary books are not available, you can instruct students to use their mobile phone dictionary app.  The only drawback of using mobile phones is that students are tempted to do other things rather than focusing on the activity.


This game can be used as warmer or ice breaker.  It can also be used in defining vocabulary.

1) Divide the class into groups of 4 or as appropriate.
2) Teacher provides a dictionary to each group. If dictionaries are not available, students may use their mobile apps.
2) Teacher reads a sentence where the vocabulary is used.
3) Students look for the meaning of the word from a dictionary.
4) Students run to the board and write the following information: part of speech, pronunciation, meaning. The first group to complete the information first, earns a point for their team
5) Do this for several times, then declare the winner.


Depending on students abilities and the lesson at hand, the teacher may require just the meaning of the word or the pronunciation.  If the lesson at hand is about noun, then the teacher may pick just noun words / adjectives / verbs/ etc.

Download the word list.


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