Practice Reading and Speaking

Hi students! Here is a good reading exercise that you can do to improve your English pronunciation. You can record yourself thru your mobile phone and see how you improve your reading and speaking skills. Before you record, make sure to listen to the audio recording below. Then read the text “On a Healthy Diet”. Once you are ready, take a video of yourself while you read the paragraphs then send it to your teacher.

Below is a quoted copy of the paragraphs from


It was hard to eat healthy at school. It was even harder when Jessica entered college. Everywhere she went it seemed as if she was surrounded by unhealthy food. From the dining hall pizza to the coffee shops at every corner, it was hard for her to eat healthy every day.

She also had to balance many activities and classes. She felt she had no time to cook or find healthy food. She often stopped at fast food places and got quick snacks. The unhealthy food often left her feeling tired. She did not have the energy at the end of the day and often felt sleepy. She decided she needed to alter her eating habits. She wanted to stop eating so unhealthy, but she did not know how.

She decided to start by cutting out coffee. At first it was hard since she drank coffee almost every day. By the end of the week, she felt better. She was also saving a lot of money by not having to buy a drink every day, which quickly added up.

The next step she took was to incorporate more healthy food into her diet. Instead of eating burgers and sandwiches so often, she decided to eat salads every other day. She found that salads were just as quick and cheap as burgers. This made her feel more refreshed and energized. She found herself less sleepy and more focused in class. The salad even tasted better than the burger.

Jessica felt so good with her diet change. She planned on cooking once a week every week. She felt ambitious and loved the change she was making.



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