Social Networks

Are you looking for an interesting lesson for students?  Worry no more because there is a lesson that will surely blow their mind; social networks!

Social networks are very familiar to students and they are well versed in the terms used as well as the skills needed in using these applications. Because of this, you are sure that the students will give their full attention to your lesson. What can students learn on social networks?

First, it can be a very good lesson to introduce verbs. The things students do on social networks are a rich source of verbs like post, upload, watch, chat, call, buy, sell, play, comment, share, and a lot more.

Second, you can also introduce adjectives like easy game, beautiful picture, interesting story, ugly face, handsome guy, and others.

Third, you can use it to teach pronouns by introducing sentences and later changing the name used in the sentence with a pronoun. For example, you can ask “Who is the founder of Facebook?“, then you can introduce sentence construction by using the sentence “Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook”. Now, ask students to change Mark Zuckerberg to He, then copy the rest of the sentence. He is the founder of Facebook.

Here is a simple exercise for students in using verbs to complete the paragraph.

Direction: Write the correct verb in the blanks to complete the sentences in the paragraph about social networks. Choose the word from the word bank below.


sell         buy         share          chat        upload         post

My Favorite Social Network

          My favorite social network is Facebook. I like Facebook because I can do a lot of things on it. I can (1)_____________ photos and (2)____________ videos.   I can (3)______________with my friends, too. I can also video chat with them if I want to see their faces. If they have great posts, I can (4) ____________them on my timeline. Shopping is not a problem because I can (5) __________things online like dresses, shirts, toys, and a lot more. If I want to have money, I can  (6) _________ things online, too. These are the reasons why Facebook is my favorite social network.


There you have it guys, a very good lesson to introduce verbs, adjectives, and pronouns to learners of English.

Well, teaching this lesson will be more exciting with a great game! Check this game that I have created that will surely make learning fun for students. You can use it even online. I can assure you that your lesson will even become more exciting! Click this link to check out the “Social Network Game“.

Now, you can also use this paragraph to emphasize a bit more about social networks. Let students practice reading using the paragraph below.

My Favorite Social Network

              My favorite social network is YouTube because it allows me to do many exciting things. First, I can post pictures of things I like, such as my favorite toys or cute animals. Second, I can watch videos of my favorite cartoons or funny videos that make me laugh. Third, I can share things with my friends, like drawings I made or songs I like. Fourth, I can even buy things online, such as toys or books, which is really convenient. These are the reasons why I enjoy using YouTube so much.

Additionally, you can also talk about the dangers of social networks. Let students write their own paragraph about the dangers of social networks:

Dangers of Social Networks

          Social networks have dangers. First, bad people may take your personal information, like your name and where you live, which can be used in harmful ways. Second, people may trick you by pretending to be someone they’re not, leading you into risky situations. Third, people may make fun of you or be mean online, hurting your feelings. Fourth, some people post fake news, spreading false information that can confuse you. Lastly, social networks can be used to trick people into giving away their money or personal information. So, always be cautious when using social networks to stay safe.

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