How to Write an Organized Paragraph

Many students are hard up in organizing their thoughts when they write paragraphs. Some tend to write whatever they think of spontaneously without planning how to organize their sentences.  So, here is a simple process on how you can write an organized paragraph.

First, be familiar with your topic.  Just knowing your topic does not mean you can write an organized paragraph about it.  To be familiar with it, you need to have at least basic information about it. You can check some references on the internet, check some keywords and vocabulary that could help you organize your thoughts. It is very advantageous if you are writing based on your own experience since you just need to recall it while you write.

Second, craft a catchy title. A well-thought title will depend on the purpose of your paragraph. Make sure the main keyword stands out in your title. As much as possible, make your title short, direct to the point, and catchy. Important words in the title should be written beginning with a capital letter.

Third, make a simple outline.  A paragraph to be good and organized should have at least three parts; the introduction, body, and conclusion. In creating an outline, you need to come up with keywords that you are going to include in each of the parts. For example, the introduction should include the keywords about the background of your topic and the topic sentence. The body should include keywords that discuss the topic sentence and the concluding sentence should restate your topic sentence in another form.

Finally, after coming up with a simple outline, you are now ready to develop your paragraph. Make sure to organize your thoughts by writing your sentences according to your outline. Here is an example of how to develop an organized paragraph.

Topic: Family activities during the COVID-19 lockdown

Title: Getting-by Boredom During the COVID-19 Lockdown



  • stuck in a lockdown is boring
  • 3 activities we did to get by


  • played scrabble
  • cooked and ate with the family
  • shot Tik-Tok dance covers


  • We enjoyed

Now, let’s turn our outline into an organized paragraph.

Getting-by Boredom During the COVID-19 Lockdown

            The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in lockdowns in different places in the world. Families are stuck at home that resulted in boredom. To get-by, our family did the following activities: we played scrabble, we cooked and ate together, and we shot Tik-Tok cover dances. Playing scrabble is easy, fun, and educational. Using small plastic word tiles, a player would organize a word and gets points out of how easy or difficult the word is. While we were playing, my mom cooked our favorite cheese spaghetti. After the games, we ate together.  The best activity that we ever did was shooting Tik-Tok cover dances. I enjoyed dancing fun tunes on Tik-Tok.  Those were the three activities we did to get-by the boredom of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic; playing scrabble, cooking and eating together, and shooting Tik-Tok cover dances.  It was really fun!


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