Comprehension Quiz- Song: Forevermore

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Direction: Choose the correct answer. Write the words in the box. Do not write the letters anymore.

1. Who did the man see standing?
a) A handsome man
b) A beautiful and fair woman
c) A cute dog

2. What did the man feel when he first saw the woman?
a) Nothing
b) His heart skipped a beat
c) He felt nervous

3. What does the man promise to the person he loves?
a) To never let her leave
b) To cherish her forever
C. To take her on a trip

4. What is the effect on the man when he sees the woman?
a) He feels better
b) He feels worse
c) He becomes angry

5. Who does the man thank for bringing the person he loves into his life?
a) Their parents
b) The stars above
c) God

6. What does the woman bring to the man's life?
a) Joy
b) Sadness
c) Anger

7. What does the man wants to do with the woman he loves?
a) Hold her hand
b) Push her away
c) Ignore her

8. What does the man promises to do for the woman he loves?
a) Make her unhappy
b) Make her happy
c) Ignore her

9. How does the man feel about the woman?
a) He doesn't like her
b) He loves her
c) He fears her

10. What is the name of the person the man loves?
a) It is not mentioned in the lyrics
b) Pretty Lady
c) Sunshine


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