Meeting Someone at the University

Being new at the university is exciting. You get to meet new friends. Being able to communicate with other students is vital especially if you are in a foreign country. It is important that you learn basic conversation topics that you can talk about so you can initiate a conversation and make it smoothly flow.

Here is a practice conversation for you to work on. Find a partner then act out the talk. Continue reading “Meeting Someone at the University”

English Conversations -M2

Holiday Conversations

Manny:  Do you celebrate Christmas?   ( celebrate = ฉลอง )

Terry: Yes, I do.

Manny: Why do you celebrate Christmas?

Terry: Because it’s fun. I can get lots of gifts from my friends. What about you? Do you like Christmas?

Manny: No, I don’t.

Terry: Why don’t you like Christmas?

Manny: Because I’m not a Christian. I’m a Buddhist.

Terry: Oh, I see.