When introducing yourself, always remember to project a good and positive personality. Smile and greet your audience. Be aware of your posture if you need to stand in front of the class. Be polite and well-mannered. Here are some information you can include in your introduction.

First, talk about your personal details – information about you that you want your classmates or your listeners to know.  Usually, we tell our first name and lastname or surname. You can also tell your nickname and other personal details like your birthday, age and place where you were born.

After that you can talk about your likes and dislikes. You can talk about what you like about people. For example; friendly, helpful, considerate, caring and others. You can also mention what characteristics you dislike. For example; arrogant, disrespectful, impolite, dishonest and others.

If you are given much time, you can mention about your hobbiesthe activities you like doing if you have free time.  Some examples are playing sports, reading books, doing arts, and playing computer games. Lastly, don’t forget to conclude your talk. You can say; “That’s all about me.” Then thank your audience. This is how you can introduce yourself.

Fill-in the blanks to make your own self-introduction.

Hello, everyone. My name is ________. My friends call me_______. I was born on __________. I am now ____ years old. I live in _______________ . My hometown is __________. I like people who are _______,  _________ and ___________. I dislike people who are ________ and ________. My hobbies include _________, ________ and ___________.  My favorite subject is __________because____________________.My favorite food is_____________. When I finish secondary school, I would like to learn ___________ because___________________ That’s all about me. Thank you.


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