Describing Oneself

When describing oneself, you need to use lots of describing words. Describing words are called adjective.  Adjectives present qualities either physical or character traits.

Physical traits talk about how we look. For example, tall, short, fat, slim, big, small, and long, are words we can use to describe our physical appearance.

Character traits can also be used to describe our qualities and values. For example, honest, polite, kind, humble, and hardworking present someone’s character traits.

Here is a sample talk about describing oneself.

Describe Yourself

Hi, I’m Frank. As you can see, I am a chubby/ thin boyI love eating/ playing/ _______.  My favorite food is pizza/ burger/ somtam. I am a kind and honest person.  One thing I don’t like about myself is that I am a playful boy.  In the future, I want to be a doctor/ policeman/ nurse/ teacher. Now, you know me better. Thank you.


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