Tap the Word


Tap the word is a race game.  Trivia questions on different categories has to be prepared first. Answers should be single word for convenience.  Five words at a time can be written on the board for each game.


This game is good for vocabulary. It can also be used for review lessons or mastering important words in a lesson.


1) Divide the class into 4 teams (or as appropriate in your class)

2) Let each group choose 1 player for each question then they, the players, have to stand at the front facing the class, turning their back towards the board.

3) Teacher writes the choices on the board.

4)  Teacher reads a question for all the students.

5) Players will race to the board as fast as they can and tap the word that answers the question.

6) The first student who taps the correct word earns a point for his team.

7) Do the same for few rounds then declare the winning team.


This game can be used in spelling.  Different spelling of a word will be the choices to be written on the board.  It can also be used in lower grades in familiarizing fruits, animals and things.  For kindergarten, the choices can be letters or pictures.  Instructions such as “Tap the letter  A ” or for animals “tap the cat” etc can be used.  Enjoy!

Download the presentation here.


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