WH Question Words


Using WH-Questions is very important in the quest for information. We use these words often in daily life, in classroom discussions, in teaching and even in research. So learning how to use these words properly will help you improve your writing and speaking skills.


We use “what” in asking for information about something. examples:

What is your name?
What color is that?
What time did you arrive?
What are the causes of soil erosion?

What did you do last night?
What would you like for lunch?
What did you say when your mom caught you skipping classes?


We use “when” in asking for time or occasion.

When is your birthday?

When did you arrive?
When did that happen?

When can you come to school?

When can you finish your homework?

We use “where” in asking for place. Here are some examples of questions.

Where do you live?

Where did you stay?

Where have you kept my bag?

Where do we go now?
Where are we going?

Where are you?

We use “who” if we want to know the identity of a person.

Who are your parents?

Who are you?

Who is that?

Who gave you your hat?
Who wrote Harry Potter?
Who called earlier?

Who invented the internet?

We use “whose” when asking about possession.

Whose phone is this?
Whose place are you staying at?
Whose books are these?
Whose fault is it?

We use “which” when we ask about choices.

Which color do you prefer – red or blue?
Which route do you think we should take – this way or that way?
Which of the two is better?
Which fruit is more nutritious – an apple or a banana?

We use “why” in asking for reasons.

Why are you crying?

Why did you come to Thailand?

Why would you say something like that?
Why does the food smell bad?
Why did you not go for work today?

We use “how” in asking about the manner, quality, condition, or even process or procedure.

How did you do that?
How was the movie?
How is life?

How do you bake a cake?



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