My School Break

Hello students! Welcome back to school. After more than a month, we are back refreshed and excited again for the next term. I know you had some fun during the school break. Could you please share your exciting school break? You just have to answer these three questions:

  1. Where did you go during the school break?
  2. What did you do there?
  3. How did you feel? How was the experience?

Look at the picture below and answer the questions.

Possible answers would be:

  • I went to the beach.
  • I went swimming.
  • I was happy.
  • It was fun.

Possible answers would be:

  • I went to the town market.
  • I went shopping.
  • It was satisfying.

Now, let’s make the answers a little bit longer. You can answer the questions this way.

    1.  I went to Khao Yai with my friends.
    2. We went there for sightseeing, we swam at the waterfall, and camped at the mountaintop in the evening.
    3. It was a great trip.

Remember that the answers to these questions are in the past form. The school break had been finished and the activities had been done. So, the tone of the essay should be in the past tense.

Now, let’s expound this activity. Let’s create an outline for a short essay. Remember that an essay has three major parts. The introduction, body, and conclusion.


  • general to specific
  • introduce your topic briefly
  • answer the question with a thesis statement
  • summarize and
  • mention all the main ideas


  • consists of paragraphs
  • answer all questions
  • explain the details
  • show your knowledge
  • give evidence
  • give examples
  • you can mention related quotes


  • specific to general
  • restate your answer to the question
  • re-summarize the main points
  • final statement
    NOTE: never introduce new information



During the school break, we went to Khao Yai for sightseeing. We swam at the waterfall and camped at the mountaintop in the evening.


  • sightseeing
  • swam at the waterfall

camped at the mountaintop in the evening


  • great
  • will always remember


Now, let’s develop our essay. Here is a sample essay that you can follow. You don’t have to copy the essay; you just have to tell your own story about your activities during the school break. Enjoy writing guys!

My School Break

School breaks are exciting moments for students like me. It is a time to relax and forget about homework and school projects. I always look forward to school breaks to make exciting memories. During the school break, we went to Khao Yai for sightseeing. We swam at the waterfall and camped at the mountaintop in the evening. Let me share the excitement.

Before the start of the school break, I talked to my friends, and we agreed to go to Khao Yai when the school term ends. They all agreed, and we planned our activities. So in the early morning of October 2nd, we boarded a bus to Khao Yai, and the adventure started.

First, we had sightseeing around the foot of the mountain before the entrance. There were several stops where we saw lovely souvenirs and beautiful flower gardens. We took pictures and uploaded them on our social media accounts. After that, we bought our tickets to enter Khao Yai. There were service transports that would bring travelers up the mountain. We sighted different animals in the forest. I saw giraffes, tigers, lions, and many monkeys. After the sightseeing, we stopped at a tall waterfall on one side of the mountain. The sight amazed me. The water was cool and refreshing, so I decided to plunge and enjoy the waterfall massage. In the evening, we rented a camping site. Then we built our tent. Beside the tent, we had a bonfire to light the night and drive-away insects and mosquitos. Before midnight we had stargazing. We lay down on the grass and looked up at the sky. I saw the beautiful dancing stars.

My school break this year was great. I will never forget the beautiful sights and the lovely animals I have seen. The refreshing waterfall that massaged my back and the exciting view we had during the camping will always remain in my memories.

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