Vocab Steps Race

Vocab Steps Race is a word guessing game.  It can be played as a warmer and introduction to the lesson’s vocabulary or it can be an ice-breaker.  As the teacher, you need to prepare beforehand.  Make a PowerPoint presentation of the list of words to be used in the game. Under the word are the synonyms or descriptive phrases that introduce the word.  You can add animation effects so that when you click on the mouse, the descriptions will appear individually.  After the students guessed the correct word, you can reveal the word. Continue reading “Vocab Steps Race”

Vocab Relay

Vocab relay is a word relay game. For this game, you can adapt the vocabulary to the lesson.  The words can be the one to be used in the lesson in order to maximize benefits. To elicit competition, words may be very easy at first and not so many so students will feel eagerness and will have the fighting spirit that each of them can join the game. Continue reading “Vocab Relay”

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