WH-Questions that help you make a self-introduction

What are WH-questions? When do we use them?

WH-questions are words we use at the beginning of our questions. We use these words in asking questions to learn more about someone or something. Here are examples of wh-questions and their uses.

What – we want to know something.

Where – we want to know the place

When – we want to know the day or date

Who – we want to know a person

Why – we want to know the reason

How – we want to know the steps or ways to do something

– You can also combine it with words like:

           – How old/ How much / How many/ How + adjective

Examples of questions using wh-question.

What – What’s your name?  / nickname/surname

Where – Where do you live?

When – When were you born?

Who – Who is your favorite movie star?

Why – Why did you come to Thailand?

How – How old are you?

– How old/ How much / How many/ How + adj.

Now, you can answer wh-questions about yourself then come up with a self-introduction like an example below. Always remember to greet your listeners before you start to introduce yourself then say thank you after your talk.



Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ric Charles. I live in Minburi. I was born on the 2nd of June 2004. I am 17 years old. I’ve got one brother and two sisters. I like Korean movies. My favorite actor is Lee Min Ho. My favorite subject is Music. I want to be a famous singer someday. That’s all about me. Thank you.


Your self-introduction depends on your age level and interests. You should be able to fit your self-introduction to the event or group in front of you. You may be a primary school student or a secondary school student or a university student, so feel free to adjust to your level.

For elementary school students might be more interested to talk about their family; their parents, brothers and sisters, their favorite toy, or their favorite pet.

If you are a secondary student, you may be more interested to talk about your favorite mobile game, your best friend or teenage crush, favorite sport, food, and snack.

If you are a university student you may talk about qualities of people you like, your favorite book, your ambition in life as well as games and sports you like.

For adult individuals and professionals it may be more about their own family, experiences, jobs, and lessons learned in life.

Always remember, there is no specific way to do a self-introduction but the most important goal is to show people who you really are, the values you give more importance to, and how this information helps you project your real personality in front of your audience.






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