Environmental Protection Dialogue – ESL Lesson

Mark: Hi, John. Where are you going?

John: I am going to plant some trees in our school playground.

Mark: Oh, I see.  That’s why you have a shovel and some seedlings.

John: Yes. Would you like to help me?

Mark: Sure.  Let me carry that pail of water then, so we can have something to water the plants afterward.

John: I’m so glad I saw you here.  You’re a big help.

Mark:  No worries, it’s my pleasure to help. Let’s go!

(While walking…)

Mark:  Why did you get the idea of planting trees at a sudden?

John: Well, we’ve learned in our Science class yesterday about the worsening situation in the world today. Trees are becoming less and less while people who consume oxygen from plants are becoming more and more.

Mark: That’s true. We really need more trees to stay healthy. Aside from that, trees also protect the environment by preventing soil erosion.

John: Yes, and if we can plant more trees, we can actually help save the world.

Mark: You are right. If all people around the world plant a tree at least every week, we can restore the green and healthy environment that people enjoyed in the past.

John:  Why don’t we make infographics about this advocacy also?  It will help us spread the message to persuade people to plant more trees.

Mark:  That’s a great idea, John.  Okay, let’s finish planting these seedlings, then we will create infographics about our plan this afternoon.

John:  Okay.  Here we are.  Let’s start digging a hole right here for the first plant.

Mark:  Yes, let’s do it!


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