Social Networks Game

How do you make a lesson more interesting in the classroom? Well, use games! Here is a very exciting game that I have created to help you make your class even more exciting for kids.  I call this “The Social Networks Game”. Here’s how you can do it.

First, collect pictures of social networks that you are going to use in your game. Ten pictures will be good enough or you can add or lessen depending on your time allotment. Print each of these pictures as a flashcard that is visible enough at the back of the class.  You can use these as your tool in the actual game.

Before you start your lesson, tell students that you are going to play a game. Let them listen to the following instructions:

1. Divide the class into groups. By rows is the quickest way to divide the class into groups.

2. I will show a picture and as quickly as you can, raise your hand if you want to answer.

3. The first student to raise a hand will be called. If he or she will be able to tell the name of the social network in the picture, his group or row earns one point.

4. The group with the highest points earned wins the game.

Well, this game will surely blow their mind racing to tell the famous social networks they are using. It will be an excellent motivation for you to start the lesson about “Social Networks“. In this lesson, you can introduce the use of verbs, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns.  Click the link to check out our “Social Network” lesson.

Would you like a variation of this game?  I have made a slight modification to this game in this other post. This variation will make the students, young and adults even more excited to play. Click the link to read more.


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