Name the Tune

Name the tune is a fun game for students especially if the songs are adapted to their level.  To maximize the benefits of the activity, the songs to be used should be adapted to the lesson as well. The music has to be played as an audio only. You can opt to show a video at the end of the lesson.

This game is a good warmer in lessons that discuss the healing effect of music among sick people.  However, you can use this game as warmer in any kind of lesson in order to grab students’ interest and attention.

1)  Download famous songs appropriate for your class and subject. 15 to 20 songs will be good enough to make sure that there are a variety of songs to be used. Some famous tunes are embedded below this article.
2) Divide the class into teams.
3) Tell the teams that you are going to play a song and the teams will race in giving the correct title.
4)  The team who gives the correct title earns a point.
5)  Repeat the process until you declare the winning team.

1) One disadvantage in the team game is that the class will be very noisy when the students get excited.  So to control this, the teacher may just select one representative for each team to play.   They may stand at the back of the class like the vocab race technique where the players shout out their answers and the first student to answer steps forward.

2) You can also make a variation by letting students guess the artist instead of the title of the song.
3) For the final round, the teacher may play the music then pause it.  Students may race in raising their hands then the first who raises his / her hand will sing a line or two that continues the song.  If the lyrics are correct, he gets a point for his/ her team.

You can use the following songs instead of downloading:

1)  Hello

2) Shape of You

3) Perfect

4) All of Me

5) Doraemon

6) Gangnam Style

7) Baby Shark Dance

8) The Lazy Song

9) Hey Jude

10) Perfect

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