Introductory Lesson for All Grade Levels

It’s been customary to know one another in the classroom in the first day of classes. The teacher may introduce himself/herself in a manner he/she prefers. After that, he/she may require students to introduce themselves individually. This has been a great orientation and introductory meeting at the beginning of the school year.

On the otherhand, you can actually turn this orientation meeting as a lesson session. Here’s how you can do it.

First, as the teacher, introduce just your first name. Demonstrate how you can start introducing your name in front of an audience by greeting first your class. After that, give your students an opportunity to know whatever they want to know about you. Remind them to use the WH-Question words in starting their questions. This way, you can introduce a lesson on WH-Questions and question construction. Some students may just be passive and do not ask a question at all and remain passively seated.  In order to motivate them to ask questions, tell them that if they do not ask questions, you are the one to ask them questions. I have tried doing this in my classes and its effective.  It’s fun!

As the students ask their questions, remind the class to remember the answers you give. After all the students have asked their questions, it’s time to check who are those listening.  Ask the class who can volunteer to introduce you as the teacher in at least 5 sentences. You can now easily know those who are able to construct sentences in the class.

So there you are a very good introduction lesson for any grade level. Try it now and comment down below the result of your first meeting with your students.



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