Vocab Steps Race

Vocab Steps Race is a word guessing game.  It can be played as a warmer and introduction to the lesson’s vocabulary or it can be an ice-breaker.  As the teacher, you need to prepare beforehand.  Make a PowerPoint presentation of the list of words to be used in the game. Under the word are the synonyms or descriptive phrases that introduce the word.  You can add animation effects so that when you click on the mouse, the descriptions will appear individually.  After the students guessed the correct word, you can reveal the word.



definition of needed words



You can use the PowerPoint presentation while the students are seated in a team.  Students can just raise their hands if they want to answer.  The first student to raise his/her hand will have the chance to answer.  If the answer is correct, the team earns a point.  The team with the most number of points earned wins the game.


  1. Divide the class into teams.
  2. Each team should choose one of their members to be their representative.
  3. Team players/ representatives stand at the back of the class.
  4. Using a PowerPoint presentation, the words to be guessed by the students will be described using synonyms, descriptive phrases or sentences. Design the presentation in such a way that each mouse click will reveal a synonym or descriptive phrase.
  5. Players will shout out their guess.
  6. First player to guess the word correctly steps forward.
  7. First player to reach the front wins.

In this example, computer terms are used.  You can use this as a warmer for computer classes.  In English, you can use the vocabulary as the words to be guessed.  You can download the prepared PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the DOWNLOAD LINK.




  • type your username in the box
  • type your password
  • click enter
  • you can now access your account


  • transfer a file from the internet to your local computer
  • save a file from a website to your computer
  • from online to offline


  • it can be all words
  • it can be words and numbers
  • it can be words, numbers and special characters
  • you enter this together with your username
  • If it is correct, you can access your account.


  • You do this after you created a file.
  • You can name the file you made.
  • You store the file in a folder
  • It is important to do this all the time while working on your computer.


  • group of clickable buttons
  • usually found on top of the webpage
  • they serve as categories to choose from
  • they are usually dropdown

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