Social Networks

Are you looking for an interesting lesson for students?  Worry no more because there is a lesson that will surely blow their mind; social networks!

Social networks are very familiar to students and they are well versed in the terms used as well as the skills needed in using these applications. Because of this, you are sure that the students will give their full attention to your lesson. What can students learn on social networks?

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Greetings and Practice Conversations for ESL

Greeting people is a very important part of our daily life. We use greetings to say hello in English. When you wake up in the morning, you greet your family; your mom, dad, brothers, and sisters.  When we meet people, we greet them. When you go to school you greet your classmates and your teacher. Anywhere we go we can be friendly by greeting people.

Greetings also depend on the occasion, people you are meeting, and whether you are arriving or leaving.  When we meet our friends, we can be informal with our greetings. When students meet their teachers, they should be more formal in their greetings. Businessmen usually use formal greetings.

Here are examples of greetings that you can practice and apply in daily life.

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How to Learn to Pronounce English Words Properly

Learning how to speak English nowadays is not so difficult with Google as your friend. You can find tons of tutorials on the web on how to speak proper English. You can also find tools that could help you learn better. Check out this pronunciation tool helper that you can use in order to speak English correctly. You can also switch from different accents if you want.

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Practice Reading and Speaking

Hi students! Here is a good reading exercise that you can do to improve your English pronunciation. You can record yourself thru your mobile phone and see how you improve your reading and speaking skills. Before you record, make sure to listen to the audio recording below. Then read the text “On a Healthy Diet”. Once you are ready, take a video of yourself while you read the paragraphs then send it to your teacher.

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