Meeting Someone at the University

Being new at the university is exciting. You get to meet new friends. Being able to communicate with other students is vital especially if you are in a foreign country. It is important that you learn basic conversation topics that you can talk about so you can initiate a conversation and make it smoothly flow.

Here is a practice conversation for you to work on. Find a partner then act out the talk.

Jane:   Hello! My name is Jane, what’s your name?

Lisa:    My name is Lisa. Where are you from, Jane?

Jane:  I’m from California. Where are you from?

Lisa:     I’m from Bangkok.

Jane:   Wow, Bangkok is a great city. I’ve been there three times already. So, what course are you taking up?

Lisa:    It’s my first year in Business Administration. What about you?

Jane:   I’m taking up Accountancy. I’m now in my second year.

Lisa:    Oh, I see. Nice to meet you, Jane.

Jane:   Nice to meet you too, Lisa. Oh, I have to go. My class will start at 9:15. See you later.

Lisa:  Bye.

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