Meaningful English Expressions About Age: A Conversation for ESL Students

Welcome, ESL students! We have an exciting conversation prepared for you that focuses on meaningful English expressions and idioms related to age. In this dialogue, three friends, Amy, Mark, and Lily discuss various aspects of age, showcasing how we can talk about people’s abilities, appearances, and attitudes regardless of their age. Pay close attention to the expressions they use and the way they appreciate individual qualities beyond mere numbers. Let’s dive into this engaging conversation and learn some valuable English expressions along the way!

Amy: Hey, have you seen Jane counting? She’s only two years old, but she can count up to ten!

Mark: Really? That’s amazing! She sounds very bright for her age.

Lily: You know, my little cousin is also two, but he can barely count to three. Jane must be really smart!

Amy: She definitely is! Speaking of age, have you noticed how tall Peter has become? He’s only 14, but he’s nearly as tall as me.

Lily: Oh, I’ve seen him! He’s grown so much lately. Yes, he’s quite tall for his age, isn’t he?

Mark: It’s not just his height. Peter’s also really good at basketball. I guess his height gives him an advantage on the court.

Amy: True, physical abilities can vary with age. But age doesn’t define everything. Did you know that my grand-dad plays tennis three times a week?

Lily: No way! That’s impressive. He must be very fit for his age.

Mark: Your grand-dad is setting a great example. It just goes to show that age shouldn’t limit us from staying active and pursuing our passions.

Amy: Exactly! Age doesn’t determine how attractive or capable someone can be. For example, Ruth is 50, but she’s still a very attractive woman.

Lily: I agree. She takes care of herself and always has a positive attitude. She looks really great for her age.

Mark: That’s true. It’s not just about physical appearance, though. Age can also affect how mature we seem. Laura is only 14, but when she puts make-up on, you’d think she was 17.

Amy: Yes, she’s very grown-up for her age. But it’s important for us to remember that maturity isn’t solely based on looks. It’s about our actions and responsibilities too.

Lily: Absolutely. Age doesn’t define who we are as individuals. Take my grandmother, for instance. She’s turning 100 soon, but she lives alone and looks after herself.

Mark: Wow, that’s incredible! She’s quite remarkable for her age. It’s inspiring to see her independent and self-sufficient.

Amy: Age can bring wisdom and experience, but it doesn’t limit us. We can achieve amazing things regardless of how old we are.

Lily: Absolutely! Let’s remember to value people for their qualities, accomplishments, and character, rather than just their age.

Mark: I couldn’t agree more. Age is just a number, and it’s what we do with our time that truly matters.


Congratulations, students, on completing this lesson on meaningful English expressions and idioms related to age! Through the conversation between Amy, Mark, and Lily, you’ve discovered how to discuss someone’s abilities, appearances, and attitudes while acknowledging that age is just a number. Remember, in English, we have various ways to appreciate people for their unique qualities beyond their age. By using expressions like ‘bright for their age,’ ‘fit for their age,’ or ‘great for their age,’ you can express admiration and respect for individuals’ accomplishments and characteristics. Keep practicing these expressions and idioms, and remember that age should never limit someone’s potential. Well done, and keep up the great work in your English learning journey!

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