University Admission Interview

After finishing secondary school, many students enter university to study for an undergraduate degree. There are several requirements that a student should pass and comply in order to enter a certain university, such as  minimum grade point average or GPA, a passing grade in a required secondary assessment test such like Secondary Assessment Test, Language Tests and other tests required by the prospective university as well as passing a portfolio and personal interview.

Among the most dreaded requirement is the interview. To ease students, here are most common interview questions that are asked in a university interview and tips on how to answer them.

Common University Entrance Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What course do you want to take up and why?

3. Why do you want to study in this university?

4. How can you be sure that you can pass this course?

5. What can you bring to our university?

6. What are your strengths?

7. What are your weaknesses?