How to Introduce Yourself in Front of the Class


When you meet people the first time it would be necessary to introduce yourself. You may need to tell them basic information about yourself so they can know you better. They will know how to call you when they want to talk to you, and you can interact better with them. For example, during the first day of classes, you do not know some of your classmates yet especially if you move to another school. So, you need to be able to introduce yourself. Continue reading “How to Introduce Yourself in Front of the Class”

Environmental Protection Dialogue – ESL Lesson

Mark: Hi, John. Where are you going?

John: I am going to plant some trees in our school playground.

Mark: Oh, I see.  That’s why you have a shovel and some seedlings.

John: Yes. Would you like to help me?

Mark: Sure.  Let me carry that pail of water then, so we can have something to water the plants afterward.

John: I’m so glad I saw you here.  You’re a big help.

Mark:  No worries, it’s my pleasure to help. Let’s go!

Continue reading “Environmental Protection Dialogue – ESL Lesson”

Dictionary Race


This warm up game is ideal in introducing the lessons vocabulary.  It can also be a stand alone lesson on using a dictionary.  The teams should be provided dictionaries to make the game more exciting.  If dictionary books are not available, you can instruct students to use their mobile phone dictionary app.  The only drawback of using mobile phones is that students are tempted to do other things rather than focusing on the activity. Continue reading “Dictionary Race”

Name the Tune

Name the tune is a fun game for students especially if the songs are adapted to their level.  To maximize the benefits of the activity, the songs to be used should be adapted to the lesson as well. The music has to be played as an audio only. You can opt to show a video at the end of the lesson. Continue reading “Name the Tune”

Vocab Steps Race

Vocab Steps Race is a word guessing game.  It can be played as a warmer and introduction to the lesson’s vocabulary or it can be an ice-breaker.  As the teacher, you need to prepare beforehand.  Make a PowerPoint presentation of the list of words to be used in the game. Under the word are the synonyms or descriptive phrases that introduce the word.  You can add animation effects so that when you click on the mouse, the descriptions will appear individually.  After the students guessed the correct word, you can reveal the word. Continue reading “Vocab Steps Race”

Vocab Relay

Vocab relay is a word relay game. For this game, you can adapt the vocabulary to the lesson.  The words can be the one to be used in the lesson in order to maximize benefits. To elicit competition, words may be very easy at first and not so many so students will feel eagerness and will have the fighting spirit that each of them can join the game. Continue reading “Vocab Relay”